Lukács Miklós Trió - Cimbiosis



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Cimbalom player Miklós Lukács, undoubtedly one of the most outstanding figures among Hungarian musicians, established his own trio, Cimbiosis, in 2013, with György Baló on drums and György Orbán on double bass, both of them being his fellow-musicians in numerous other Hungarian groups. “My idea while composing for the trio was to create sort of chamber-music with equal emphasis on each musician.The group’s name reflects on this crucial symbiosis between the members” said Lukács whose virtuoso playing paired with a constant exploration of his unique instrument to reveal yet undiscovered sounds of it and whose obvious ease to combine almost every genres of music even in one bar or sequence, is captivating his listeners each time. Jazz is as much of an inspiration for Lukács as classical and contemporary music, it’s impossible to tell which is more present in the compositions.

The trio’s first album, Miklós Lukács Trio: Cimbiózis appeared in 2014 on the prestigious Hungarian label Fonó Records and was well received both by critics and audience. It was soon followed by their second one, Budapest Anzix in 2015. On this latter they open the gates wide and we may learn a lot through their music about their relationship to the city and their feelings. They are sending postcards from Budapest: about its quiet daybreaks, its daytime buzz and bustle, the colourful afternoons and its mystical and serene nights. About a city, where music, love and affection can be found. Where they now live but will once leave behind. The pieces are sort of telling us stories: dramatic passions, events are taking place, presented with a surprising power; the instruments appear as human beings with all their complex feelings, relations and conflicts.


Miklós Lukács - cimbalom

György Orbán - double bass

István Baló – drums