Lukács Miklós, Larry Grenadier, Eric Harland - Cimbalom Unlimited


Cimbalom Unlimited

The Trio behind Cimbalom Unlimited was established in 2016 on the initiative of bandleader and extraordinary musician Miklós Lukács, with the cimbalom in focus. Their debut album features two of his excellent partners, Larry Grenadier and Eric Harland, both iconic figures of international jazz. Lukács has met both musicians in the ensemble of living jazz legend Charles Lloyd, a group of musicians in which he is involved himself. Their first record was released in 2016 under the Hungarian label BMC Records and has received rave reviews so far. Some of these include:ós-lukács/




The Trio represents a brand new color on the international jazz palette: elements of Hungarian folk tradition, contemporary music as well as jazz can be found in their output. These traces appear swirling in their repertoire, composed by Lukács, in perfect symbiosis. To quote his words, “My agenda with this project was to show as many voices and colors of the cimbalom as it already has, and to present that it is an instrument of the 21st Century. I wanted to summon the past to portray the present and to observe the future with the aid of my own musical thoughts.”