Mihály Borbély Balkán Jazz Project

Mihály Borbély Balkán Jazz Project

The Balkan Jazz Project emerged as a new formation from the joint concerts of Quartet B  and the Vujicsics Ensemble. It is lead by saxophonist Mihály Borbély, who is equally familiar with folk music, world music, jazz and contemporary music and the members of the group are musicians who share his ideas and his way of thinking. The two groups are connected by Borbély’s versatile personality. They have already proven at their concerts that the energies of music from the Carpathian Basin and the Balkans are easily gathered in  one focus with that of jazz music. The core of the group playing with 6 – 10 musicians is Quartet B and experienced interpreters of Balkan music join their concerts on each occasion, thus  folk music, jazz and Balkan enthusiasts may expect a unique concert: heavy rhythm, finely transparent lyrical tunes and frenetic dance melodies.

Mihály Borbély Balkán Jazz Project concert (part)


Mihály Borbély - saxophone, clarinet, tárogató, flutes

Mihály György - guitar, buzuki

Balázs Horváth - bass

Hunor G. Szabó - drums, percussion

Miklós Lukács - cimbalom

Agatics Krunoszláv - accordion

Gábor Eredics - accordion

Kálmán Eredics - derbuka, tapan, bass

Ferenc Szendrődi - tamburas


source: http://www.mihalyborbely.hu/zenekarok_balkan_english.htm